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$2,800.00 AUD
Sydney New South Wales Australia
Phone: 0431911558

Condition New
Date Listed: 18 December 2016
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A great range to suit every level of paddler - beginner - intermediate and elite!

Designed for speed, stability and comfort with advanced composite construction. Paddlers the World over recognise this unique combination once they paddle a Stellar.
The Elite series of Ski is on par with the fastest boats on the market, but delivers stability unseen in that class.
‚ÄčInnovations such as the 3-point footbrace transfer your leg drive to boat speed, making Stellar the right choice.

Find out more about the Surf Ski Range SE, SEL, SES, S2E, SR & SEI

Trade in your old ski!


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  • Stellar
  • Year Made
  • 2016
Member Since: 22 September 2016
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Phone: 0431911558

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