Paddles - ZSS nylon/fibreglass (plastic) reinforced kayak/ski paddles from $110
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$110.00 AUD
Kingsley Western Australia Australia
Phone: 0411394277

Condition New
Date Listed: 19 February 2018
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ZSS is pleased to introduce our new nylon/fibreglass reinforced blade paddles starting at an unbelievably low price of $110. The blades are a great low cost, durable option for paddlers looking for the efficiency a wing paddle can provide. The blade shape is designed to assist paddlers in optimising their technique whether it be on the rapids, flat water or in the ocean. 

The flip lock adjustor option is a great choice for those looking for greater flexibility in the length and angle of their paddle. In you need to easily transport your paddle, paddle craft with different seat heights/widths, share your paddle or just like to alter and try different things then the adjustable option is the way to go.

Paddle Options

a) ZSS Nylon/Fibreglass reinforced blades w/100% fibreglass shaft - $110

b) ZSS Nylon/Fibreglass reinforced blades w/25% clear carbon shaft - $120

c) ZSS Nylon/Fibreglass reinforced blades w/50% clear carbon shaft - $135

d) ZSS Nylon/Fibreglass reinforced blades w/adjustable length 100% fibreglass shaft - $140

e) ZSS Nylon/Fibreglass reinforced blades w/adjustable length 50% carbon shaft (choice of colour for shaft) - $165

For more information please feel free to contact Zenith Sport Sciences: or 0411394277


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  • 2017
Member Since: 22 September 2016
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Phone: 0411394277

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