ZSS Dura Series - Kevlar/Glass blades on adjustable shaft - from $230

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$230.00 AUD
Kingsley Western Australia Australia
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Date Listed: 22 February 2018
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A great option for surf and river racing, this paddle series has been designed for those paddlers who are seeking a low-cost paddle to fill the void between the more expensive carbon range and the basic entry level plastic composite blades. But don’t be fooled by the price. These paddles come with the same high quality carbon shafts provided on our carbon range paddles and with tried and tested Kevlar/Glass blades.

These blades are made from a solid, no core, construction of Kevlar and Fibreglass with an epoxy matrix. This means they are great for rivers where impact and chips from rocks may occur. They are also great for those paddlers looking for a low-cost option for surf and flatwater paddling.

The Dura series comes with 3 blades choices (on a fixed or adjustable shaft):
M3xs, M3, J-tech small/medium

Dura series blades with adjustable 100% fibreglass shaft - $230
Dura series blades with adjustable 25% carbon shaft - $250
Dura series blades with adjustable 50% carbon shaft - $260

Paddle bags and other accessories available.


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