'NEW' Magnetic Kayak Ergo for paddlers

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$1,890.00 AUD
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Date Listed: 23 January 2017
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The all new Magnetic Kayak Ergo, perfect for training new paddlers, warm up before a comp or winter training at home.

Our design team of Aussie and International paddlers have developed a number of prototypes over the past 5 years to come up with the 'new' model that is
a) A good simulation of on water paddling
b) Low noise and low maintenance
c) Priced well
d) Strong and durable
Register your interest today to be among the first to own the latest in paddling Ergo's.

We have test models in QLD, NSW and Victoria for those that want to 'try before you buy'.
Please use the contact page to register your interest today or give me a call to discuss further.

I have been using Ergo’s for several years and this new Magnetically controlledKayak Ergo unit is far superior to any other comparable machines. There are several controls including rowing tension, leg length, and paddle arm customisation which all add up to greater effectiveness for each individual. The Magnetic Ergo is perfect for technique training and also for conditioning. I have no reservation recommending this type of Ergo to anyone that is seeking to improve their paddling performance.
Rod Smith. Cronulla Southerland Kayak Club, Past AIS Junior Coach 


  • Year Made
  • 2016
  • Weight (kg)
  • 45


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Magnetic Ergo

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