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Classified Brand new Mirage 520 (fibreglass 20kg) with paddle and PFD

Brand new fibreglass Mirage 520 available now at Sydney Harbour Kayaks, Mosman. Super light at just 20kg. Mirage Sea Kayaks challenged its builders to aim for a specific weight and the result was impressive! A fibreglass 520 would normally weigh in at 23kg. Specifications:...

New Mosman New South Wales $2,995.00 AUD 18 February 2018
Classified Torqeedo Electric Motor Travel 1003 (long staff) for a kayak or small boat

Second-hand Torqeedo Travel 1003 (long staff) for sale. The Travel motor can be mounted onto a kayak or a small boat. It is extremely light, efficient and durable. Has only had light usage (about 40 hours in total). In great condition. Sale price: $2,500. RRP: $3,080. You save:...

Used Mosman - $2,500.00 AUD 11 February 2018
Classified Brand new 5.2m FG two-seater canoe with 2 wooden paddles

A red 5.2m two-seater canoe is in stock now at Sydney Harbour Kayaks. Available with 2 wooden paddles. Specifications: 5.2m long x 80cm wide, weight: approx 30kg Construction: fibreglass with a flowcoat interior. This long canoe has superior stability, yet builds speed...

New Mosman New South Wales $1,600.00 AUD 11 February 2018
Classified Ex-rental Mirage 532 fibreglass

Sydney Harbour Kayaks Mirage 532 (fibreglass) ex-rental for sale. SALE PRICE: $2,500. RETAIL PRICE when new: $3,395. SAVING: $895. Length: 5.3m, beam: 56cm, weight: approx 24kg Construction: fibreglass with a carbon-fibre seat. Condition: ex-rental (see pictures)....

Used Mosman New South Wales $2,500.00 AUD 11 February 2018
Classified Mirage Double kayak - fibreglass

Ex-rental Mirage Double available to view, test paddle, and buy from Sydney Harbour Kayaks at the Spit Bridge, Mosman. The 'Mirage Double' was the forerunner of the Mirage 730. It has similar dimensions: Length: 7.3m Beam: 58.5cm Contact: Sydney Harbour Kayaks Email:...

Used Mosman - $0.00 AUD 11 February 2018
Classified Stellar Ocean Ski (ex rental) (Kevlar/fibreglass/Nomex)

Stellar SEI EXCEL Gen 1 (ex-rental) for sale. Under one year old. In good condition. Weight: 11.6 kg (25.6 lbs), length: 6.1 m (20'), beam: 46 cm (18.1"), depth: 34.1 cm (13.4"), recommended paddler height: 1.65-2m (5'5"-6'6"), max capacity: 130kg (285 lbs). The Stellar...

Used Mosman New South Wales $1,950.00 AUD 11 February 2018