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STELLAR SEL ULTRA what you say to this ski where you seee the value  all reasonable offers consider  Surfskiwarehouse rentals are here all major brands  $2,750.00 AUD
Fenn XT Double check out double no leaks or major repair fully adjustable  TRADE IN AVAILABLE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 WIDE  $1,500.00 AUD
Mazu 55 2020 used as demo and hire in good shape  500x53 fit in your garage we received container from Portugal 🇵🇹 get in white stock last  $3,000.00 AUD
Epic V8 Ultra G2 Come as trade in present as new comes with orca 205/215 new paddle $450 extra  check out epic surf ski hire  WWW.SURFSKIWAREHOUSE.COM $4,850.00 AUD
Vajda Civet Cat New selling cheapest Putchased new 2020 used few times lady owner  RRP $ 3990  TRADE IN AVAILABLE  $2,450.00 AUD
epic v8 ultra double trade in available rental availability check out mazu fitness $4500 brand new ( 580x520x18 kg) THERE IS EPIC V8 & V7 available for rent mazu 55 V10 sports  $4,750.00 AUD
Second hand skis & kayaks Full house check out today second hand skis & kayak new stock dayli not listed here most We are the largest second hand warehouses  surfski rentals available open every day appointment preferred  $1,500.00 AUD
Mazu 55 Begginer ( 500x53) Available to test paddle and purchase, the Mazu SS1 55 is a great beginner Surf Ski from the Mazu Range.500x53 fit in your garage The 55 combines high performance, speed and stability for those new to Ocean paddling or for those who are looking for a comfortable boat to cruise... $3,500.00 AUD
Elio Sonic ML SSC top Elio sprint k1 layot 2918 model check out Elio kayaks Australia 🇦🇺 made in Potugsl We have all modei masterpiece kayaks availability  $3,759.00 AUD
Elio Sonic M sport construction 2019 sport construction one owner immaculate condition travel cover at extra cost check out Surfskiwarehouse kayak & ski hire  k1 sprint sport construction $4250 Rrp $3,500.00 AUD

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